Columbia Grey

Columbia Grey




The stone has a grey backdrop with tiny grains going through it. The Samsung Radianz Columbia Gray has a sleek and elegant style as

a result of this. The stone has a modern appearance to it. This provides a breath of fresh air in contemporary settings.

This tile has a huge impact since modern kitchens are in high demand all around the world right now.




Has earned its reputation over the last 50 years, as a leading stone wholesaler of the finest quality natural and man-made surfaces for

commercial and domestic projects. The original site has developed, and the people have changed, but the values remain the same, attention

to detail, high-quality products and a friendly, professional approach. We hope to make history for many years to come! From natural stones,

such as granite and marble to man-made natural quartz and ceramics, Culliford’s boasts a stock of over 3000 slabs at its Kingston Upon

Thames showroom. Selecting some of the most exotic and interesting stones, we offer unrivalled expertise and access to many of the world’s

finest surfaces. Culliford’s is the go-to destination for true statement materials, suitable for any application within the residential or

commercial sector. The breadth of choice combined with the company’s depth of knowledge is guaranteed to provide you with a surface

material that is unique to your home or commercial project.




Grey, sometimes called gray, is a color that is halfway between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic color, which means “without

colour,” because it may be made up of black and white. It features a hazy sky, ash, and lead look.




A polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light and draws attention to the stone’s color and veins. This implies that the intricacies,

colors, tints, and vein structure of the stone stand out more, emphasizing the stone’s inherent qualities. Because it reflects light and appears

more saturated, a high-polish treatment will bring out the stone’s inherent color to its maximum potential.




The concrete stone panel is one of the most popular decorative panels on the market today, owing to the distinct design qualities that make it

ideal for spaces requiring a blend of modernism and realism. You can decorate the walls with synthetic concrete cladding at home or work.

When you want to create a feeling of modernism while maintaining a rustic appearance, these forms of wall décor are ideal. Particularly

suited for usage in rooms or other public spaces, this type of wall-cladding workplace values a polished and professional image. Hormigon

may utilize on the walls of halls, rooms, or nearly anyplace else in the house.




One of the hardest minerals on the planet is quartz. Quartz is also a popular and dependable countertop material due to its resilience and

availability. So, you can use the term “designed” or “man-made” to describe this natural stone. Depending on the quartz producer, the

amount of natural quartz in a slab varies.




Radianz is a high-quality interior material made of vacuum compression moulding, whose beauty can be expressed in various colours without

using natural stone, yet high in strength, with a luxurious, sophisticated texture incorporating 99.9% high purity natural quartz.

It has excellent scratch resistance, durability and stain resistance, and is applied to flooring, interior walls, top-quality kitchen tops,

bathroom furniture and artful wall cladding.

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