The Artscut Tempest is a pristine white quartz with fine speckles.

One of the most popular composite stones available today is simple yet effective.

Tempest by Artscut is a quartz composite.

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The Artscut Tempest is a pristine white quartz with fine speckles.

One of the most popular composite stones available today is simple yet effective.

Tempest by Artscut is a quartz composite.

created using painstaking technology to produce a stone

that is highly durable The product is created by adding to the inherent,

strong core of quartz, which is akin to a diamond. The quartz (93%) is

mixed with resins. Because of the incredibly robust covalent bonding,

this results in a scratch and stain resistant material.




Pierre Honoré Lefere was born in 1948 in Pouilly-sur-Loire, France.

His father’s knowledge in architecture influenced his appreciation for the earth

and how it was used to create magnificent monuments.

Pierre had always been fond of his village’s mountains and hills, so when he saw limestones used for kitchens,

he thought how different mountains throughout France would vary the appearance of the kitchen.

His adventure began at home, with the establishment of a family company that began by installing limestone tiles.

Pierre progressed to granite and marble worktops after acquiring the necessary instruments.

Pierre began to go to neighboring settlements, where he discovered exquisite materials.

With this, Pierre founded Artscut, a firm that thrived because to

the range of natural colors in France.

Pierre’s stone selection spanned from granite to limestone.

However, when it came to the kitchen worktop, the ever-changing Artscut chose to adapt with it.

We couldn’t let go of our tradition while providing our clients with the toughest, most robust materials available (quartz).

Our vibrant hues helped to shape our firm. So, with the assistance of skilled engineers,

we began sculpting quartz materials to resemble the stones that inspired Pierre.

This is how we came up with our color palette.

Our job has taken us from our home in France to Australia and the United Kingdom.

With approximately 2,800 employees worldwide and 26 manufacturing lines.

Because of our success, we have earned a reputation as forerunners in stone innovation

and the combination of classic and modern hues.




White shades are hues that are only slightly different from pure white.

Off-white hues, which are usually

referred to as “white variations,” can be

used in a neutral color scheme.

A shade is a pure color combined with black in color theory (or having a lower lightness).

A “shade of white” would technically be a neutral grey.

This page also discusses off-white hues, which differ in hue and chroma from pure white (also called saturation, or intensity).




Because of the blend of modern and classic patterns,

these high-end finishes will be a timeless addition to any area.

Because of the variety of finishes available, each individual item may be exactly tailored to your needs,

and our in-house design team will assist you in finding and designing the appropriate kind of finish

to fit your luxury project or development.




The concrete stone panel is one of the most popular decorative panels on the market today,

owing to its distinct design qualities that make it ideal for spaces requiring a blend of modernism and realism. Walls may be

decorated with synthetic concrete cladding at home or at work.

When you want to create a feeling of modernism while maintaining a rustic appearance, these forms of wall décor are ideal.

This style of wall cladding is especially suitable for use in rooms or workplaces where a professional and elegant appearance is

desired. They may be utilized on the walls of halls, rooms, or nearly anyplace else in the house.




One of the hardest minerals on the planet is quartz.

Quartz is a popular and dependable countertop material due to its resilience and availability.

It is a natural stone that is sometimes

referred to as “designed” or “man-made.”

Depending on the quartz producer, the amount of natural quartz in a slab varies.

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