Roma Grey

Classic Quartz Stone is a finely

designed stone that is ideal for bathroom

and kitchen countertops, as well as other practical uses.

Roma Grey


Roma Grey:

Roma Grey

Classic Quartz Stone is a finely

designed stone that is ideal for bathroom

and kitchen countertops, as well as other practical uses.



-Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Stone is a renowned quartz supplier in the UK, offering a diverse choice of colors and styles for commercial and residential structures.

Also CQ Stone is continually searching for new methods to improve our distinctive assortment in line with current market trends. In addition CQ Stone was

founded in 2014 with a modest collection of ten designs.

Over the years, we have grown our collection to include over 60 different styles.

We launched our Book Match collection in 2016 with a variety of veined colors and styles.

In 2018, we debuted the Leather line with a matt matte finish, as well as our new Ice collection with a hint of shine and shimmer.

patterned or plain, marble, glitter or shimmer effects, available in a variety of colors,

all under one roof Check out our Marble, Classic, Brillo, Premiere, Leather, and Bookmatched collections.

With sizes ranging from 3000x1400mm to 3200x1600mm in both 20mm and 30mm, they may be

utilized for a variety of applications, including tiles, kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, fireplaces, wet rooms, and many others.

Quartz is a non–porous surface that requires no maintenance and is simple to clean, allowing you to keep your quartz looking like new.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on all slabs, as well as care and maintenance instructions and an after-sales cleaning package.

Our quartz slabs are made out of roughly 93% quartz, 7% resin, recycled stone, recycled glass, and aggregated sand.

In 2018, we doubled our storage space from 7500 to 19000 square feet, holding approximately 6000 slabs of various sizes and patterns.

All of our slabs have a batch number that is printed on them.




Grey, sometimes called gray, is a color that is halfway between black and white.

It is a neutral or achromatic color, which meaning “without color,” because it may be made up of black and white.

It features a hazy sky, ash, and lead look.




A polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light and draws attention to the stone’s color and veins.

This implies that the intricacies, colors, tints, and vein structure of the stone stand out more, emphasizing the stone’s inherent qualities.

Because it reflects light and appears more saturated, a high-polish treatment will bring out the stone’s inherent color to its maximum potential.



-Natural Marbled

Marble has a smooth, velvety look with a variety of veining patterns that range from subtle to strong and dramatic.

While white is the most common color in marble, it is also available in a range of different colors.




One of the hardest minerals on the planet is quartz.

Quartz is a popular and dependable countertop material due to its resilience and availability.

It is a natural stone that is sometimes

referred to as “designed” or “man-made.”

Depending on the quartz producer, the amount of natural quartz in a slab varies.

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