Nero Zembabwe

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Slab sizes: 3.35X1.85 (m)

Thickness Available: 20mm

Finishes Available: Flamed and Brushed

Warranty 3 years

Nero Zembabwe



Nero Zembabwe stone has a deep black background with tiny grey grains scattered on its surface.

This versatile colour is suitable for countertops, floors, walls and other designs, either indoor or outdoor uses.



Granite Granite LTD

Granite Granite are industry leaders in supplying superior quality natural stones, throughout the UK. We have spent two decades collating

and curating our premiere collections of marble, granite, and quartz slabs. We aim to bring our clients the top tier of artisanship, providing

natural stone finishes for your home or property. Shop Granite Granite for interior and exterior stone finishes. Use our natural stone for

cladding, as a tile indoors or outdoors, and for work surfaces. Our exceptional range of premium stones matches every taste level and style.

Peruse our stone slabs today whether you are shopping for a construction project or your own home.




Black kitchen countertops are all the rage these days. They are tough and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen

worktops since they hide dirt, cover cracks, and are not readily soiled.




This process, as the name indicates, involves using a hot torch flame and running it over the surface of the stone to create a textured,

non-slip finish that has a semi-rough surface.


If a textured finish is desired, a brushed finish can be applied. Using tools like wire wheels and brushes, the stone has a texture that is

smooth to the touch, creating a casual, worn feeling to the stone. A brushed finish can also be combined with other finishes in certain

scenarios. When combined with a sandblasted or flamed finish it will smooth out the nooks and crannies within the stone. It will make

it softer to the touch and it will look more antiquated – like it has been walked on for centuries.



Natural Granulate

These are surfaces with a predominant grain size of greater than 0.075 mm (more than 50%). Quartz, feldspar, and calcite are the most

common thick-grained or granular surfaces, with sulfates, salts, and volcanic pitchstone being less common.




Granite has been the material of choice for residential residences over the last several decades since it can provide the full beauty of natural

stone with its distinct and often exotic features, as well as durability, strength, and endurance. It will also add value to any home where it is

put. Because granite has relatively little calcium, it does not etch in the same manner that marble does when exposed to high amounts of

acidity, such as that found in lemons, oranges, and other acidic foods. Granite is a typical felsic intrusive igneous rock with granular and

phaneritic texture. Depending on their composition, granites can be primarily white, pink, or grey in hue. The term “granite” is derived from

the Latin granum, which means “grain,” and refers to the coarse-grained structure of such a holocrystalline rock. Granite is an igneous rock

that contains at least 20% quartz and up to 65% alkali feldspar by volume.

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Flamed and Brushed


Natural Granulate




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