Negro Tebas

Negro Tebas



Silestone Tebas Black (formerly known as Negro Tebas) is a natural black quartz surface that is made up of 90% natural quartz,

making it exceptionally durable. It is one of the few worktops with an anti-bacterial treatment, which ensures that surfaces are as sanitary

as possible. This natural black quartz worktop is ideal for kitchen countertops, baths, floors, and wall cladding with the fewest seams

possible. Tebas Black also features the N-Boost treatment, which makes the worktops stain-resistant, brightens the colour, and adds sheen.

Silestone Tebas Black might be the answer if you’re seeking a natural black quartz surface.




Silestone® is a hybrid surface made from premium natural minerals and recycled materials. Manufactured with the exclusive and innovative

HybriQ® technology, a more sustainable approach to architectural surfaces. HybriQ+® (Plus) represents a further step in the pursuit

of sustainability throughout Cosentino’s value chain. Silestone® products with HybriQ+® technology contain a minimum of 20% recycled

materials, such as glass, in their composition. Silestone® is also highly resistant to stains and acids common in everyday kitchen use and is

easy to maintain. In addition, Silestone’s high level of resistance to scratches and impacts allows for handling very hard objects without any

worry. Our greatest satisfaction is to offer you the best design and the reliability of the 25-year Silestone® warranty.




Black kitchen countertops are all the rage these days. They are tough and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen

worktops since they hide dirt, cover cracks, and are not readily soiled.



Polished N-boost

Newly patented by Cosentino, N-Boost is the latest notable advancement in Silestone quartz surfacing using innovative nanotechnology. N

Boost modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, further enhancing its technical performance and aesthetic properties. This

state-of-the-art technology ensures a greater intensity of colour and lustre while also providing a surface that is easier to clean and maintain

than ever before.

Suede N-boost

N-BOOST is born, Silestone®’s revolutionary technology that improves the DNA of our surfaces. Innovation that prevents the adhesion of

liquids, enhances shine and intensifies the colour. The hydro-repellent properties of new Silestone N-BOOST prevent the absorption of

liquids used daily. This new Silestone technology makes cleaning these stains easier, even after hours or days left on the surface.




The elements of a building: Industrial interiors have spots that define them. Whereas other designs conceal ducts and plumbing, industrial

highlights them and makes them the centre of attention. The fact that it is still raw and incomplete. The industrial interior design created a

pleasant living environment.




One of the hardest minerals on the planet is quartz. Quartz is also a popular and dependable countertop material due to its resilience and

availability. So, you can use the term “designed” or “man-made” to describe this natural stone. Depending on the quartz producer, the

amount of natural quartz in a slab varies.

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Polished N-boost, Suede N-boost






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