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Slab sizes: 3.35 m Length, 1.66 m Width

Thickness Available: 20mm/ 30mm

Finishes Available: Polished

Warranty 3 years



It is a timeless classic that adds warmth and harmony to any environment or style thanks to its enigmatic sea of brown

tones, beige, and black, which makes a bold statement. Cambria Laneshaw gives an unexpected splash of elegance to any

decor with delicate white and a blanket of gold glitter.



Granite Granite LTD

Granite Granite are industry leaders in supplying superior quality natural stones, throughout the UK. We have spent two decades collating

and curating our premiere collections of marble, granite, and quartz slabs. We aim to bring our clients the top tier of artisanship, providing

natural stone finishes for your home or property. Shop Granite Granite for interior and exterior stone finishes. Use our natural stone for

cladding, as a tile indoors or outdoors, and for work surfaces. Our exceptional range of premium stones matches every taste level and style.

Peruse our stone slabs today whether you are shopping for a construction project or your own home.




Black kitchen countertops are all the rage these days. They are tough and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen

worktops since they hide dirt, cover cracks, and are not readily soiled.




A polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light and draws attention to the stone’s colour and veins. This implies that the intricacies,

colours, tints, and vein structure of the stone stand out more, emphasizing the stone’s inherent qualities. Because it reflects light and appears

more saturated, a high-polish treatment will bring out the stone’s inherent colour to its maximum potential.



Natural Granulate

These are surfaces with a predominant grain size of greater than 0.075 mm (more than 50%). Quartz, feldspar, and calcite are the most

common thick-grained or granular surfaces, with sulfates, salts, and volcanic pitchstone being less common.




One of the hardest minerals on the planet is quartz. Quartz is also a popular and dependable countertop material due to its resilience

and availability. So, you can use the term “designed” or “man-made” to describe this natural stone. In addition, depending on the quartz

producer, the amount of natural quartz in a slab varies.




We bring the high standards of an American company and the passion of a family-owned business to everything we do. We are also dedicated

to making and keeping a bold, simple promise to transform quartz into breathtaking surfaces and exceptional customer experiences. In

contrast to granite, Cambria offers a non-porous surface that is stain-resistant and does not require resealing. Because of its non-porous

surface, bacterial development is less likely. 93% of Cambria is quartz. Cambria blends the durable natural stone quartz with a tiny bit of

resin and colour pigment. This results in a sturdy and robust stone. It has several applications and can be included in your designs for, among

other things, furniture tabletops, bathroom surrounds, vanity units, and windowsills.

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Granite Granite LTD






Natural Granulate






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