Artscut Aeon is a granite

sourced from the Brazilian highlands.

The stone is as startlingly beautiful as the places from where it came,

with waves of black, white, orange, and golden tones interwoven with fine crystals that shimmer in the light.



Artscut Aeon is a granite

sourced from the Brazilian highlands.

The stone is as startlingly beautiful as the places from where it came,

with waves of black, white, orange, and golden tones interwoven with fine crystals that shimmer in the light.

The orange and gold tones are reminiscent of the beautiful sunsets of Ipanema Beach,

and when contrasted with the richness of the black backdrop,

give the stone a distinctly regal aspect.

It is the ideal stone for bringing unquestionable elegance into your house.

Artscut Aeon, like all-natural granite, is an igneous rock

composed of quartz and feldspar, among other elements.

It forms naturally beneath the earth’s surface over hundreds of thousands of years,

resulting in an exceptionally hardwearing, durable stone that has been

utilized in the construction of structures, monuments,

and pavement throughout history.





Pierre Honoré Lefere was born in 1948 in Pouilly-sur-Loire, France.

His father’s knowledge in architecture influenced his appreciation for the earth

and how it was used to create magnificent monuments.

Pierre had always been fond of his village’s mountains and hills, so when he saw limestones used for kitchens,

he thought how different mountains throughout France would vary the appearance of the kitchen.

His adventure began at home, with the establishment of a family company that began by installing limestone tiles.

Pierre progressed to granite and marble worktops after acquiring the necessary instruments.

Pierre began to go to neighboring settlements, where he discovered exquisite materials.

With this, Pierre founded Artscut, a firm that thrived because to

the range of natural colors in France.

Pierre’s stone selection spanned from granite to limestone.

However, when it came to the kitchen worktop, the ever-changing Artscut chose to adapt with it.

We couldn’t let go of our tradition while providing our clients with the toughest, most robust materials available (quartz).

Our vibrant hues helped to shape our firm. So, with the assistance of skilled engineers,

we began sculpting quartz materials to resemble the stones that inspired Pierre.

This is how we came up with our color palette.

Our job has taken us from our home in France to Australia and the United Kingdom.

With approximately 2,800 employees worldwide and 26 manufacturing lines.

Because of our success, we have earned a reputation as forerunners in stone innovation

and the combination of classic and modern hues.




Black kitchen countertops are all the rage these days.

They’re tough and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen worktops since they hide dirt, cover cracks, and aren’t

readily soiled.



-Glossy Polished

A polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light and draws attention to the stone’s color and veins.

This implies that the intricacies, colors, tints, and vein structure of the stone stand out more, emphasizing the stone’s inherent qualities.


-Velvet touch leather

One of the newer finishes on the rise is the leathered finish.

First, a honed finish is created, and then the slab is textured using diamond-tipped

brushes that run across it to create small dimples in the stone.

This new finishing style provides a sophisticated look and is perfect for darker

colors because the natural granite color remains and does not fade from the process.

It also does an excellent job at resisting stains and hiding water spots and smears.



-Natural Granulate

These are surfaces with a predominant grain size of greater than 0.075 mm (more than 50%).

Quartz, feldspar, and calcite are the most common

thick-grained or granular surfaces, with sulfates, salts, and volcanic pitchstone being less common.




Granite has been the material of choice for residential residences over

the last several decades since it can provide the full beauty of natural stone with its

distinct and often exotic features, as well as durability, strength, and endurance.

It will also add value to any home where it is put.

Because granite has relatively little calcium, it does not etch in the same manner that

marble does when exposed to high amounts of acidity,

such as that found in lemons, oranges,

and other acidic foods.

Granite is a typical felsic intrusive igneous rock with granular and phaneritic texture.

Depending on their composition, granites can be primarily white, pink, or gray in hue.

The term “granite” is derived from the Latin granum, which means “grain,”

and refers to the coarse-grained structure of such a holocrystalline rock.

Granite is an igneous rock that contains at least 20% quartz

and up to 65% alkali feldspar by volume.

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Glossy polished, Velvet touch leather


Natural Granulate




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